“I Got This” by Joshua Rivera

I’m ready for the physical training (PT) test this year. I know that I’ve been keeping my training up every day. I got this, I’m shooting for 100+ push-ups and sit-ups, but honestly that doesn’t matter, what matters is the run. I’m getting that mile and a half, I know everyone in my section and their physical capabilities, and I got this, I know I do. The only person that may give me some competition on the run is Chinana, gotta keep an eye out for him, but I got this. The PT test is starting at 0800 on the back side of the airfield on naval air station 2 Sigonella, Sicily. I’ll be ready for it, I’m even going to get a full night of sleep today to be ready for it, no one’s going to beat me.

My alarm goes off, but I know how my day is already going to play out. I’m putting everything on the line for this PT test. I’m ready, today is the day. I show up to the airfield and am sizing up the competition. Doesn’t look like anyone’s been pushing themselves too hard in the gym lately, good I got this. Who’s that? We got a new guy in section. His names Rivera. Hmm no matter, he’s too short, he’s got nothing on me. Time for this test to start. I smoked those push-ups and sit-ups just like I thought. 100+ on each, now time to show where my trainings really been, let’s get this run.

Got a good starting position, I’m in front of the pack before the whistle sounds. Chief sounds off and we all take off. You can tell immediately who’s quick out of the gate and not much for stamina. They just want that satisfaction of saying they were in the front of the pack for a moment. Don’t get stuck on them, focus, run your own race and rely on your training, no one’s worked as hard as you. I’m coming around the first bend and I’m just reeling the few people ahead of me in. I’m in front of the pack now, I passed the last of my competition, Chinana, now I just need to keep a steady pace and I got this. I’m coming in first. What in the hell was that? Oh shit, it’s the new guy, Rivera. He just flew past me. Where did he come from? Has he been behind me this whole time? It’s okay. We are barely at the half way mark, I’m going to catch em. He can keep that pace forever. Shit, he’s not slowing down. Shit I don’t got this.

Joshua Rivera joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 17 and then became a Master-at-Arms, military police. His first duty stations in the Navy were in Kings Bay, GA; Sicily, Italy; and Bahrain. After his service he attended community college at Mount San Jacinto College and then transferred to UC Riverside, where he earned his BA in Chicano studies.