“Homecoming: The Wife” by Geoffrey Petit

I remember seeing my wife for the first time after Iraq. Our homecoming was a sedate affair. We came home in waves as company‚Äôs not as a battalion. If we had all come home together maybe there would have been a bigger celebration, a bigger welcome. Instead a couple of people were there at Camp … Read more

“Two Homecomings” by Erin Anding

This last deployment, my dad had two homecomings; one for his R&R and one for his final homecoming. Both were difficult for very different reasons. For the first homecoming, I had to tell him something that I knew would hurt him. I had to completely miss the second homecoming. This was a new experience for … Read more

“Like You Never Left” by Gregory Ferguson

The longer I stayed in Iraq the more it changed me. Every day it was in my veins, consuming, burning, and leaving something else. I was deep into my deployment. The nobility of the mission had long since withered on the vine. My Bible gathered dust as I surrendered to indifferent fatalism. I thought of … Read more